The Games Room

The Games Room is located on the second floor of this three-storey house. A name likely reminiscent of its past as a family home, the serene grey room with dashes of vivid colours of yellow, deep purple and floral touches allude to vibrant moments of happiness in times gone by. Indeed, the armchairs and footstalls beside the old fireplace feature, pieces upholstered by Richard Harris in Jane Churchill velvet, make it easy to imagine many a cold night spent by a roaring fire.

This room finds itself in one of the later developed sections of the original house. The construction of the house was initially completed in 1704, as an inscribed brick on the east side of the mansion states. It was originally pioneered by Sir Roger Pratt at Coleshill in 1650s, an influential English architect of the 17th century who was significant in the development of Classicism in England and the establishment of the astylar Queen Anne style of architecture, one prominent in the defining features of this house. It began as a brick double-pile plan, with two storeys above an attic, but was notably remodelled by Sir Brook Bridges, 3rd Baronet in the later part of the century. Under the influence of Robert Mylne -a Scottish Architect famous for designing the interiors of the historic Inveraray Castle, who was reportedly consulted for Goodnestone Park by the 3rd Baronet- the house was enlarged. In a renovation that also saw pediments replace dormers, this was the time when the third storey of the house was created, which now accommodates The Games Room along with the majority of the rooms of the sons of the 21st Baron FitzWalter.

Ornate modern lamps, homely rugs and comfortable armchairs constitute the bedrock of this room’s character. Whilst sporting a distinctly modern character in its design, yet again, we are reminded that this is a house brimming with history and mystery in the intricately-designed oak wardrobe, elaborate fireplace, chandelier and antique trunk from Cairo at the foot of the bed. This room also has its own en suite featuring a standalone bath-shower. Not, of course, without picturesque scenery, the altitudinous heights make for spectacular views of the east-facing gardens.

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