Robert's Room

Robert’s Room is named after Robert FitzWalter, who established the historic Norman barony of FitzWalter, becoming the first Baron FitzWalter in 1295. Accordingly, he was then called to parliament to writ as Baron FitzWalter. He was the grandson of the Robert FitzWalter who led the 25 Barons who forced King John to sign Magna Carta. This Robert FitzWalter became known as ‘Marshal of the Army of God’, and was Lord of Little Dunmow in Essex, holder of Castle Baynard in London and related to the Earls of Clare, Hereford and Winchester. It was a rebellion that many barons joined due to the King charging them exorbitant payments for their estates. Led by Robert FitzWalter, the barons seized London in 1215 and soon after, made King John sign the Magna Carta, after which they revoked their disregard of fealty to the King. In one of the clauses of the Magna Carta, it pronounced that 25 Barons would oversee the imposition of its conditions; Robert FitzWalter was one of these sureties that would administer the enforcement of the Magna Carta, a revolutionary document that meant everyone, including the monarch, would live under the rule of law.

Indeed, this room in regal shades of red and green reflect the origins of the Barony of FitzWalter. Filled with the family treasures from its halcyon days as a stately home, the original oak mirror, tables, wardrobe and dressing table create a beautifully authentic majestic aura. Complete with modern furnishings, you can spend time here in modern comfort whilst still truly feeling like part of the aristocracy. Accessed by descending a small flight of stairs, this room has a peaceful privacy without being too secluded from the rest of the house. It boasts yet more stunning views out of the window onto the gardens and also has its own en suite, with a shower.

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