On her majesty’s secret service

On her majesty’s secret service

For any tree lover the walk to Fredville from Goodnestone is a must. It takes around an hour of walking through the beautiful Kent countryside following old bridleways and field boundaries.

The tree we were especially interested in is is called “Majesty”. Majesty, the Fredville Oak, is seen by many tree lovers and experts as the most impressive oak in Great Britain. Some even think of it as the most impressive tree of any in country. Also it is one of the biggest oaks in the UK, and if thats not enough it’s thought to be one of the oldest at around 600 years old!

Although the Park is open to the public the majesty oak is in private grounds. Don’t be put off though, the gamekeeper’s wife is very friendly and was happy to show us the way to the tree near the old walled garden.

All in all the perfect leg stretch before heading to the Pub for a fully justified Sunday lunch!

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